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3D in game Trainer

THC DH2K5 TRAINER v5.1 Overlayed ingame Cheat Menu
Last update : 28.11.2011

Trainer Functions:

Unlimited Scout items : In scout mode you can use unlimited items and place it to your map and save.
Unlimited Ammo : unlimitted ammo for any gun.
Bag Distance : You can bag your deer from any distance , no need to go to a deer close to bag. This way you cant loose your deer also .
Scout Host : Game doesnt let server open with a scout map this way you are able to open a scout map online :)
Deer Tele 2 Corner : All deers will be teleported on 4 corner of the map .

No wait for Players : When entering online server you do not have to wait for other players to play the game.

The Flash : Makes you run fast.

Aliens Gprs : Shows the deer's in gprs with red dot.

Daradevil : works in single player or when you host , deers become pasive.

Change Weather : Visible only to you, you can change the weather to good or bad one, like rain or snow.

Auto turn Player : Thsi will make the player turn around slowly , so you can check without using mouse or keyboard whats around you.

Fix hight : With this function activated you can use the jump function and set your hight still in air .

and many other hacks with allmost weekly updates :)

Deer's to Center , all deers run or walk to center of the map.

Wind direction, change the wind direction.

Immortal deer, deer's dont die they just stay still after shoot.

8 ball deer, deer's running a 8 in position.

Widescreen trainer included, can play the game in any resolution now :)

Thermal option in fullscreen

Fog Enabler, increase decrease fog . Have a view of all entry map.

Download Link : Click here to downlaod 

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